Our Technique

Healthy, Sustainable, and Effortless singing
Our focus is on the biology and science of singing in order to teach the best techniques to our students. Sing Jacksonville coaches participate in international organizations that bring together top Vocologists, ENTs, Speech Pathologists, and Vocal Coaches. This allows them to learn the best, most sustainable, and efficient ways to sing well.

Any Genre, Any Style
We don’t teach one specific genre. No matter what genre or genres you are interested in singing, we can help. Some voices are better suited for certain styles, or a particular vocal range. However, with proper guidance and time, everyone can sing any style, or any voice part.

Our Lessons

Beginning: Warm-Ups
The voice is a muscle. First, you need to warm up your voice if you want to exercise it. We often do one to two warm-ups that cover the whole vocal range and encourage proper breathing.

Middle: Voice Exercises
Although you may think these are just more warm ups, voice exercises are more vigorous. You will be given exercises that are tailored to your voice. These exercises are not intended to be performance-ready. They’re meant instead to guide you in the right direction for the remainder of the lesson and hopefully beyond. This is where we challenge old habits and create new ones.

End: Song work
Of course, we want to use the exercises to help you sing a song. But we go beyond vocal technique. A song is not great without style, interpretation, emotion.