What We Do

Singing is fun. Lessons should be!

It’s assumed that singing lessons can be intimidating and boring. Sing Jacksonville lessons are very enjoyable! While we will work hard during lessons, our coaches make it fun and keep things lighthearted.

No two voice clients will ever have the exact same lesson. Singing Is a complex mixture of habits. Our coaches are trained to listen to your voice, identify the bad habits and recommend what you can do to get rid of them. Each lesson, we use exercises that help to bring your individual voice forward.

Not your average voice lesson.

We reach beyond the boundaries of breathing, music, and scales. The saying “practice makes perfect” doesn’t hold true. “Practice is permanent.” If you are singing and not getting feedback, your bad habits can be made permanent. So we’ll make sure to stop and fix any inconsistencies so that the right habit can continue to grow. This will help you to move forward faster and more consistently.

Who We Work With

All Ages

Age is just a number! We have students ranging in age from 6 to 75. That said, our lessons require a lot focus. Parents of students below 10 years old are invited to join their child for the initial consultation. After that, the parent and coach can decide together whether to allow the student to choose full 55-minute lessons, defer lessons, or opt for a shorter lesson.

All Experience Levels & All Goals

We love working with new and experienced performers as well as everyone in between. We can help with everything, no matter if you want to record an album, go on Broadway, or just get better singing in your car.

Who We Are

Energetic, Professional, Experienced

Sing Jacksonville coaches love the voice. They continue growing through workshops, collaboration, and courses. They’re also performers who understand the importance of clear instruction and sustainable technique.


All of our coaches…
…can address vocal fears with explanations, or exercises.
…have experience in music, education, and performing.
…can clearly convey vocal concepts.
…teach sustainable, healthy techniques.
…continue their education with professional growth and observation.